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The biography of the foundresses: Basis for an objective diagnostic instrument designed to improve the starting situation of women with regard to the formation of a company

This is how the complete name of the project reads.

To this day women are more reluctant founding a business than men. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitors/Report on Women and Entrepreneurship from the year 2005 (Sternberg & Lückgen, 2005), this relation amounts to 1:2.35. Taking a look at the consultation and financing of foundresses reveals that at this point the prognosis of their success is affected by interviewer-specific influences. Selective perception, different advance information, sympathy-effects, evaluation during the consultation situation as well as unconscious benchmarks and attitudes of the interviewer are strong interference factors to an objective assessment. (strongly interfere with an objective assessment).

Especially in this situation women run into the danger of being evaluated more negatively than men for they view the formation of a company as well as their capabilities in doing so with more reservation than men do. In an unstructured interview this impression could lead to a negative attitude of the interviewer and result in a premature termination of the founding idea. Yet it is important to emphasize that with regard to the objective success no differences or discriminations against women have been observed (Sternberg & Lückgen, 2004). Thus a standardized prognosis instrument can be of valuable support to the prognosis of womens’ sucess in founding a business.

Therefor our goals are:

  • Increasing the proportion of women in foundations, by establishing appropriate tools in the consultation and prognosis of success
  • Development, validation and marketing of a biographic questionnaire fit to diagnose the womens’ aptitude for founding a business as well as the forecasting of their success
  • Support start-up financiers in their careful risk assessment (especially with regard to innovative founding concepts)
  • (Self-)assessment of capabilities, resilience and motivation of prospective foundresses
  • Identify necesseties for training

It takes a lot of smaller and bigger steps to achieve these goals. In the first step we will question experts about their approach to start-up consultation and financing, about their experience with foundresses as well as their knowledge about the biographies of foundresses. Hereafter we will carry out personal interviews with foundresses in order to learn more about the individual biographies in all their variety. On the basis of these surveys and complemented by the analysis of scientific literature we will finally create a diagnostic instrument, more precisely a biographic questionnaire, which will after careful consideration be open to the public.


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Dieu Hao Abitz
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